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Why 'I Learn Online'?

‘I Learn Online’ is an online database and data warehousing training website designed for corporate employees, individuals and job seekers. All the training sessions are based on scenarios as it is a proven methodology.

While the assignments make the training more interactive, quizzes help to fine tune your knowledge.

Need for online education

As an individual or a company its very important to access the information online now a days to make you more productive. E-learning makes it more efficient to learn only the things you needed rather than sitting in the class and listen to what you already known.

What we teach in the class room session,we capture the same using Audio and video. Any questions you have in the material or examples what we provide, you can send us an email or call us to get the questions clarified.

"New User?"

To access the sample topics in every course we teach, you have to create an account. Once you like what you see, then you pay the charges online to access the respective course.


The methodological approach is fantastic backed with a robust tools combination. I would recommend Aroha Technologies to anyone. It’s quite useful in getting a job. Aroha has proved to be of tremendous contribution in my current M.Sc programme in Management Information Systems at Coventry University.

Yemi Jide

Scenario-based learning.

Content created to learn, Scenarios made to understand.

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